The Tech Evolved Workplace

With the World Wide Web over a quarter of a century old, recent decades have witnessed a technological revolution that has changed the way we interact and work.

In a study called ‘The Tech Evolved Workplace’ conducted by Coleman Parkes Research and sponsored by Ricoh, 8 in 10 employees predict that by 2036 their workplace will be transformed by technology and processes that do not even exist today. The study also reveals which innovations Europe's employees expect to reshape the workplace within the next 22 years.

The online survey was conducted in June 2014 and consisted of 2,200 employees (senior managers, middle managers, junior managers, and executives/assistants) across 8 vertical sectors, including education, legal, utilities/energy, healthcare, public sector, retail, manufacturing and financial services. Participating respondents were from the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, the Nordics (Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark), Switzerland, Russia and the Middle East.

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Employees show growing appetite for innovation

Within just 10 years, the majority of employees believe that touch-based interactive devices, voice recognition technology and augmented reality glasses will be available to them. A decade on, they expect holograms, too. However, less than a third say that their company has a strong appetite for creating new ways of working and deploying technologies to make the future a reality.

Public sector workplace to be revolutionised by 2034

Public sector employees expect relatively slower uptake of new workplace technologies within the next five to ten years – compared to those working in education, financial services and healthcare – yet do envisage their arrival further into the future. Innovations such as augmented reality, desk-based robots, drones and carrier nodes are expected to be common sights in public sector work environments by 2034.


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