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The research data is from a study called Humans and Machines, conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit and sponsored by Ricoh. It investigates the impacts of technology upon human creativity and intuition.

The majority (71 per cent) of education leaders say technology has helped them to make good decisions. A further 72 per cent, the highest of any sector surveyed, also said that the interaction between professionals and technology will be hugely beneficial for the economy as a whole.

The speed of change

The biggest challenge for just over half of education respondents (52 per cent) is that technology is evolving more quickly than its processes or ways to use it.

88 per cent agree that human-technology interaction will only add value if humans are more creative with the processes developed to connect the two.

Big opportunities

Education leaders said the technologies most likely to widen the scope of human imagination and intuition are:

1. Data analytics
2. Email
3. Cloud computing and telepresence

By using data analytics as part of a digitised application process, education establishments can apply personalised information to student communications. An on-demand production process will also help to reduce document costs, volume and storage space.

The future

Survey respondents said human imagination or intuition was the most critical for teaching students and developing new teaching materials, meaning the role of teachers and the impact they have on the learning experience of their students will remain essential.

By accelerating the pace of change and transforming the traditional ways of working, the education sector will be able to attract new talent and support the needs and demands of the next generation.

The successful educational establishments of the future will be those that have adopted and integrated technology into the classroom and the ‘back-office’. The end result is an environment where teacher-technology-student interaction is enriched.

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