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Technology-led change is all around us, significantly changing the way we work. But is it making us more creative, productive and responsive to client needs?

How will the relationship between people and technology change in the future? At Ricoh, we believe technology should enrich rather than compete with human skills. Success comes from creating innovative processes that empower that collaboration.

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Financial Services Insight

The latest impacts of technology-led change show mixed outcomes for the financial services sector. Financial Services executives are positive about the nature of human-technology interaction and the impact of technology on their operations. However, they do confess to losing money and customers as a result of an automated decision made by a computer in the past six months.

There is an opportunity to create a future where technology enriches human skills rather than competing with them, therefore empowering human creativity and innovation. For businesses, the benefits will be improved business agility and the ability to deliver a better customer experience. Using technology in this way will also help to make document processes more efficient, leading to more effective data security and compliance.

Healthcare Insight

The speed of change is healthcare’s biggest technology headache. As telehealth grows across all healthcare disciplines, the need to accelerate the integration of technology and transform traditional processes has never been more important.

More than 90% of healthcare, biotech and pharmaceutical executives have become more reliant on technology during the last three years but the majority agree there is more room for efficiency gains. The two biggest challenges are that technology is evolving more quickly than the internal processes that support it, and systems are not connected to each other.

Global Business Insight

Global business leaders are positive about the impacts of technology on creativity and innovation but are concerned about keeping up with the pace of change.  European business leaders show more concern than those in Asia and North America, with 45 per cent saying they are worried about not being able to keep up with technology and losing competitive edge, compared to 35 per cent in Asia and 37 per cent in North America.

Education Insight

Leaders in the education sector are more positive than their peers in Financial Services, Healthcare and the Public Sector when it comes to the impacts of technology.  90 per cent of education leaders, the highest of those surveyed, believe technology has made them more imaginative and creative at work, with 80 per cent saying it has made them more productive.  The biggest challenge for education leaders is that technology is evolving more quickly than its processes or ways to use it – with more than half (52 per cent) saying this was the case.


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