Europe calls for a communications crackdown

The volume of irrelevant communication is pushing European consumer loyalty to breaking point with the majority ready to take action against brands and service providers.

A study called Communication Crackdown, conducted by Coleman Parkes Research and sponsored by Ricoh Europe, reveals how consumers are being inundated by irrelevant communications and junk mail, with 69 per cent having unsubscribed from a mailing list and 18 per cent having taken their business elsewhere.

The survey was conducted in January 2016 and consisted of 2,892 respondents from the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Switzerland, Poland, Russia, Belgium, Turkey, Netherlands, UAE, Sweden, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Qatar, Finland and Kuwait.

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Retail and education under the spotlight

Three quarters of branded communications sent by retailers and educational establishments across Europe are irrelevant, according to consumers. The majority of survey respondents (76 per cent) believe the material sent to them by retailers was irrelevant, while 75 per cent said the same about content from educational establishments such as schools, colleges and universities.

Consumers are willing to help

The majority of consumers (64 per cent) believe brands should do more to tailor communications to individual circumstances. And the good news is that consumers are happy to help. From those surveyed, 80 per cent are willing to give up personal information to ensure communications are targeted and relevant. In addition, 18 per cent would be happy to release their internet browsing habits, another 18 per cent would share their salary bracket, and one in ten would give up their health records.


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