European Public Sector Leaders Define the Successful CIO for the Future of Digital Public Service Delivery

Tomorrow’s public sector CIO should be an experienced marketer with expertise in technology and business critical processes, say leaders of public sector organisations across Europe. The research reveals that CIOs remain popular with sector leaders, with the majority agreeing that they are equipped to drive the digital transformation of public service delivery.

With the EU Digital Agenda focused on making it easier for citizens and businesses to interact with public bodies anywhere in the EU and move European public services to “electronic administration by default”, the attributes identified correlate with the renewed vigor for the sector to further drive efficiency and improve digital services for citizens.

In spite of the optimism and support for today’s CIO, the study shows that 68 per cent of European public sector organisations are far from ready for digital transformation. The possible reasons for the slow pace of change are revealed as public sector leaders say that while their CIOs are most empowered to drive change in the critical areas of financial management, 2) customer engagement and data/business intelligence, just 9 per cent are able to change business critical processes.

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